Sexy Traditional Hand Woven & Embroidered Chinantec Mexican Huipil Hippie Boho

In Oaxaca a huipil goes beyond a mere garment, as it represents a canvas full of symbolism, whose bright colors and embellishments of ribbons and lace embroidered realize their worldview; unique and unrepeatable pieces that reflect the origin of the world, life and death.

Color : Beige

This is a Very Sexy and Traditional Huipil from the Chinantec community.
Hand Woven on a Back Strap loom and hand embroidered. Just Gorgeous!

Color: Beige

designs: Red, blue, pink green



Total Length:

This style of Dress is a great example of contemporary Fashion trends like: Frida Kahlo Style - Bohemian, Hippie, boho, Tunic, Peasant, Santa Fe, Cowgirl style.

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